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This page enables club members or beginners to pay for class cards or membership fees. 

Payment is made via Paypal. When paying, please click the item 'Is this your postal address' or 'send recipient your address' so we know who you are.  If you have any questions about your orders, please contact Sensei Phil.

Class Fees


Pay by Paypal

Payment for 4 Wednesday classes (valid for 8 weeks) - includes £1 card processing fee.


Payment for 8 Wednesday classes (valid for 12 weeks) - includes £2 card processing fee.


Aikido Research Federation Membership


Pay by Paypal

New Member - includes £1 credit card fee


Renewal - includes £1 credit card fee


In accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations (Consumer Protection) 2000 refunds are only offered if cancellation of an order is given in writing (eg via email) within 7 working days of payment. If classes are purchased and start to be used in less than 7 working days, then this offer does not apply. Membership cannot be cancelled once submitted to the ARF.

If you do not wish to use your credit card on the internet, please contact Sensei Phil.

We no longer supply training suits (gi) or weapons (bokken and jo). Below are some links to alternative suppliers. We do not recommend any particular website, and only put these links for information purposes.

Nine Circles

Blitz Sports


Paragon Martial Arts