Martial Arts Clubs in the UK

Martial arts clubs are necessary for anybody interested in martial arts or who wants to get involved in the sport to improve and learn more about specific techniques and disciplines within martial arts. Clubs are there for martial artists of all skill levels to learn together and share their love for the arts.

The clubs on this list are all based in the UK and provide an amazing opportunity for people to learn about self-defence or just to improve on their existing skills in martial arts.

Stoke on Trent Uechi Ryu Karate Dojo – Blythe Bridge

Stoke on Trent is dedicated to teaching Uechi Ryu and Kyushu Jitsu and is registered with the Uechi Ryu International Karate Association. The club takes on people who are both interested in martial arts or want to learn more about the advanced techniques involved with martial arts.

Norwich Choi Kwang Do – Norwich, UK

Norwich Choi Kwang Do was established in 1996 as a non-profit club that is dedicated to serving their community with martial arts tuition for adults. The club does not only provide training but also hosts events and shares a love and passion for martial arts for the community to partake and share their knowledge and experiences. They are highly focused on teaching Choi Kwang Do and are registered with the BMABA Association.

North Star Martial Arts – Derby

North Star Martial Arts are dedicated to kickboxing and Shoot boxing with classes dedicated to a nationally recognised grading syllabus with competition and tournaments. They take club members of all skill levels, from beginner to advance, in many different martial arts styles.

SO8 Muay Thai – Falmouth

The S08 Muay Thai club was established in 1993 and stood as the first traditional Thai Boxing Club in Cornwall. The club also does teachings on Thai boxing, kickboxing, self-protection, self-defence, and MMA. All members are dedicated to helping fellow members on reaching their goals and work with an instructor with over 25 years of experience in kickboxing and MMA.

Get inspired, encouraged, and reach your goals with other like-minded individuals with a passion for martial arts at S08 Muay Thai Club.

These clubs are all dedicated to providing their members with assistance in learning more about martial arts, socialising with other martial artists, and taking part in events.