Upcoming Mixed Martial Arts Tournaments

During the past few years, MMA has seen a surge in popularity in the UK, with many people joining clubs to learn how to take part in MMA. MMA is well known among many people looking for ways to defend themselves, and by taking lessons in the sport, many people become driven to take part in tournaments as well.

The events on this list are all dedicated to MMA and Aikido self-defence.

Almighty Fighting Championship – August 28 – Barnsley

The Almighty Fighting Championships will be taking place at The Olympia in Liverpool and stands as one of the most popular fighting events in the UK. The event sees many well-known British mixed martial artists taking part, including Haider Khan, Raphael Uchegbu, Michael Evans, and Jack Grundy.

Four Nations Championships: Finals – July 3 – Liverpool

The Four Nations Championships are taking place at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool and will include some of the top fighters in the Four Nations series, including Lisa Zimmo, Paul Lally, and Reece Vicarage. The event is promoted by the English Mixed Martial Arts Association as one of the biggest events in martial arts. One of the most competitive qualifying tournaments in martial arts for amateurs.

Battle Arena – September 24 – Dunstable

Battle Arena will be taking place at the Houghton Regis Leisure Centre on Parkside Drive. The event will see more than 25 fights being competed with a night of international mixed martial arts action. The event sees some of the most elite MMA athletes compete and brings entertaining action to fans of the sport.

Bellator 285 Henderson vs Queally – September 23- Dublin, Ireland

The Bellator 285 event will be taking place at the 3Arena in Dublin. The fighters will involve Henderson and Queally with an event featuring Sinead Kavanagh and Peter Queally. The event will event with Benson Henderson competing against Queally. The event will include weight classes of lightweight, light heavyweight, Bantamweight, featherweight, women’s featherweight, and heavyweight providing a wide range of martial arts fights.

The events on this list are all upcoming MMA events throughout the UK and provide a great chance for fans of the sport to witness the thrill and excitement that only MMA has to offer.